External Assessor – The Open University

Opening Date:
10 Sep 2018
Closing Date:
5 Oct 2018
Salary Range:

Three vacancies exist to quality oversee the development of our new pre-registration nursing curriculum. We are seeking external assessors with Adult, Learning Disabilities and Mental Health experience.

External assessment is the process by which the University seeks independent judgments on the balance, coverage and level of a qualification before it is offered to students.

The external assessor should be experienced in his/her field and should normally be a current professor, reader or senior lecturer at a Higher Education Institution within the UK. External assessors will be contracted for a period of four years and will be expected to comment on six modules forming the degree; contributing their judgement in relation to their specific field.

Each external assessor will provide the following information by which the University assures itself of the quality of the module:

Informal Comment
External assessors should be in close dialogue with the module team throughout each modules development to comment informally on the overall structure of the module as it is developed, as well as on drafts of module units or any other aspects of the teaching material. It is expected that the external assessor should attend at least one meeting during this process.

Interim Report
This should be a full and detailed formal report for each module, covering all aspects of the module and commenting on all the module material available. It will be used as key evidence in deciding whether to proceed with delivery of the module as planned.

Final Report
The final report seeks to confirm that the external assessor is satisfied with all the module materials and that the process of assessment has been completed. This report need not be as substantial as the interim report.