External Examiner- Nursing and Midwifery Short Course Portfolio, Return to Nursing Practice and BA Professional Nursing Studies (acute care modules)

Opening Date:
28 Jan 2019
Closing Date:
28 Feb 2019
Salary Range:

We are seeking to appoint an External Examiner for the School of Nursing and Midwifery Ba short course provision. The modules include Return to Nursing Practice, Minor Injury Management, Minor Illness Management, Renal Nursing (Theory), Interventional Radiology Nursing, Foundations of Cardiac Nursing and Chemotherapy. The position requires the External Examiner to have a current registration with the NMC and evidence of registration and revalidation will be checked on recruitment. The appointment will commence September 2019; the tenure of appointment if for four years. All External Examiner appointments are subject to approval by the University Academic Board. Induction to the role will be given.

The university criteria for the appointment of external examiners are:

  • An external examiner’s academic and/or professional qualifications shall be appropriate both in terms of the level and the subject(s) of such qualifications to match the general requirement of the assessed subject(s).
  • An external examiner shall have appropriate standing, expertise and experience in his/her subject or discipline to ensure the maintenance of academic standards; such standards shall reflect the general expectations of higher education relative to national standards for the particular subject or discipline.
  • An external examiner shall normally have recent examining or academically comparable experience which shall be adequate to the requirements of the subject area to be examined.

For further information, please contact Jane Mair about the role j.c.mair1@rgu.ac.uk, 01224 262602.
Applications and a detailed CV should also be submitted to Jane Mair (CPD and MSc ANP Course Leader), j.c.mair1@rgu.ac.uk by 28th February.