External Examiner – Midwifery and MCA Provision

Opening Date:
18 May 2020
Closing Date:
7 Aug 2020
Salary Range:

The School is seeking to appoint a Midwifery external examiner to a range of modules within undergraduate, pre-registration undergraduate and pre-registration postgraduate suite of programmes. The remit involves assessment of theory and practice modules relating to:

MCA Programme (SCQF Level 7)
MIDW07021 Delivering Holistic Care to Women and Babies
MIDW07022 Meeting the Needs of Women and their Families
MIDW07023 Practice Education
MIDW07024 Role of the Maternity Care Assistant

BSc Midwifery (SCQF Level 7)
MIDW07015 Life Long Learning 1 MW
MIDW07016 Maternal Health and Wellbeing
MIDW07017 Skills For Midwifery Practice
MIDW07018 Midwifery Care in Practice 1
MIDW07019 Midwifery Knowledge and Practice
MIDW07020 Life Sciences and Childbirth

MSc Midwifery with-registration (SCQF Levels 9 and 10)
MIDW09034 Applied Midwifery Knowledge and Practice
MIDW09036 Integration of Life Sciences and Childbirth
MIDW09037 Professional and Personal Development 1
MIDW10007 Critical Concepts of Mat Health & Wellbeing
MIDW10009 MSc Midwifery Care in Practice 1
MIDW10010 Clinical Skills for Midwifery Practice

N.B. These module will change for the BSc Midwifery and MSc Midwifery with-registration programmes in line with revalidated programmes in 2021.

External examiner responsibilities include moderation of assessments, completion of an annual monitoring report and attendance at subject panels where student marks are ratified. A schedule of subject panels per academic session will be made available and external examiners would be expected to attend one per academic year. The School uses an electronic marking system associated with the originality checking programme Turnitin, called Grademark. External examiners are required to make use of the system during the external moderation process (this being accessible through Moodle Virtual Learning Environment).

Experienced and new external examiners will be considered provided the applicant has the relevant professional qualification(s) and experience. Relevant professional experience in the field of Midwifery and a valid teaching qualification are essential requirements for this post.

The appointments will be with effect from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021 in the first instance.

Full details of the programmes and modules will be provided to appointees and an online induction will be provided by the University following appointment.