External Examiner – BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

Opening Date:
7 Jun 2018
Closing Date:
16 Jul 2018
Salary Range:

We are seeking to External Examiners for the Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) programme. (Adult nursing)

Our programme is for adult, child and mental health nursing students and follows a values-based philosophy and curriculum. We have both single and dual field students; the dual field students studying a four-year programme of adult/child nursing, child/mental health or adult/mental health nursing. Students on the programme study together in all-field groups but also have field-specific emphasis within some modules and a field-specific module: for the adult field students this is ‘End of Life and Palliative Care’ in Year 2. Assessments are varied in their structure and include written assignments, examinations, posters, professional conversations, and grading-in-practice. During this tenure, we will be validating a new curriculum aligned to the new NMC Standards (2018) to commence in September 2019.

There are two posts available, one will be effective from 1.9.18 and the other from 1.2.19

Applicants should hold appropriate academic qualifications; preferably have previous experience of acting in the role as an External Examiner and have a background in adult nursing.

Examination Boards take place once each term. For further information please contact Yvonne Middlewick Y.Middlewick@soton.ac.uk

If you are interested in applying, please forward your Curriculum Vitae and your area of interest/expertise by e-mail to Leo Baines-Jump L.Baines-Jump@soton.ac.uk outlining your teaching, research and External Examining Experience.