External Examiner – MSc Contemporary Healthcare and MSc Advanced Healthcare Practice

Opening Date:
27 Oct 2023
Closing Date:
17 Nov 2023
Salary Range:

The University of Gibraltar, modelled on the academic practices of UK Universities, was founded in 2015. Although a new and small University, we are enjoying considerable success and steady growth, with new academic programmes being rolled out each year. The programmes currently offered by the School of Health Sciences include an MSc Contemporary Healthcare, outlined at https://www.unigib.edu.gi/courses/postgraduate/contemporary-healthcare-msc/

The School has also entered into an agreement with the local healthcare authority to offer, upon request, an MSc Advanced Healthcare Practice. Given the similar scope of these two programmes, we are seeking to make a single appointment such that one expert is External Examiner for both programmes.

As External Examiner your role and responsibilities would include:

  • confirming the comparability of standards of student performance at University of Gibraltar with those of similar provision at UK Institutions of Higher Education;
  • confirming that the assessment process in its entirety is sound, and has been fairly conducted with full regard to justice to students;
  • providing an annual report giving feedback on the effectiveness with which the University is securing the academic standards of its awards and on the quality of the learning opportunities provided.

External examiners are appointed by the University’s Academic Board for a period of four years, based on the review and recommendations of the Head of School and Quality Enhancement Committee. For the MSc Contemporary Healthcare and MSc Advanced Healthcare Practice this would cover academic years 2023-24 through 2026-27.

The University of Gibraltar Board of Examiners for each of these programmes typically meets twice per year (coinciding with the key stages of progression). External examiners are expected to attend all Examination Boards. For logistical reasons, participation and attendance may be conducted via electronic means such as Zoom. When attending in Gibraltar, the University will meet the cost of travel and accommodation. (Please see https://www.unigib.edu.gi/quality-handbook/ for more information.)

Please send expressions of interest and an accompanying CV to the Academic Administrator of the University of Gibraltar, Martin.Hale@unigib.edu.gi

Your CV should contain the following information:

  • Current and recent employment history
  • HE and Professional Qualifications
  • Current and previous external examiner engagements
  • Experience of course/module leader roles
  • Research and related Scholarly/ Professional Activity/ Consultancy