PgD Specialist Practitioner (District Nursing) – External Examiner Required

Opening Date:
27 May 2022
Closing Date:
24 Jun 2022
Salary Range:

The University of Suffolk is seeking applicants for the role of External Examiner for the following
• PgD Specialist Practitioner (District Nursing).
Details of the course can be found on our website

Tenure: 4 years starting from: September 2022

Please note that to avoid clashes of interest we cannot accept candidates from:
University of East Anglia
University of Essex
Cardiff University

Candidates need to be:
Experienced in the design, delivery and management of cognate courses in an UK HEI to at least the
level of the course being examined; a UK resident; not the holder of more than one other EE position
as of September 2022.

Candidates will externally examine modules to include the following:

  • Principles of Care Coordination in Community Settings
  • Leading the Implementation of Evidence-Based Therapeutic Interventions in District Nursing (Part 1
    and Part 2)
  • Practice Elements 1, 2 and 3

Guidance on the rights and responsibilities of EEs at the University along with the terms and
conditions can be found on our website

If you are interested in the position, please send a short expression of interest, and CV to by 13 June 2022.

Please remember to list any EE experience, or current posts – although prior EE experience is
welcome, it is not a prerequisite for the post.