Independent Assessor – MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (Apprenticeship)

Opening Date:
9 Jun 2023
Closing Date:
23 Jun 2023
Salary Range:

The School of Healthcare at the University of Leeds is seeking to appoint several Independent Assessors to support the End Point Assessment module of the MSc Advanced Clinical Practice. The Independent Assessor will be employed in a similar way to an external examiner and will be paid a set amount per apprentice for each end point assessment completed. The End Point Assessment is planned to be delivered three times in each academic year.

As an experienced academic the post holder will have relevant professional and teaching qualifications, experience of assessing at Masters level, an understanding of the Advanced Clinical Practice programme and the End Point Assessment.

Main Duties:
• Work with the programme team to agree assessment materials for the End Point Assessment.
• Act as first marker for the three elements of the End Point Assessment: open book examination, clinical practice change report, and the presentation of practice.
• Chair the presentation of practice panel for the End Point Assessment.
• Approve invigilation arrangements for the open-book examination.
• Act as first marker for resits of any element of the End Point Assessment.
• Contribute to standardisation meetings for independent assessors.
• Attend the module exam boards in order to present marks awarded for the End Point Assessment, and determine the final apprenticeship grades.
• Attend training on the University of Leeds assessment processes and procedures as required.
• Complete a report on the end point assessment which will form part of the overall review of EPA for the ACP programme.

More information about the ACP programme at the University of Leeds can be found at:

If you have any questions regarding the role, please contact the Advanced Clinical Practitioner Programme Leader: Ian Goulden, email:

If you are interested in this post, you will need to complete a brief application form available from Deborah Schofield, email: accompanied by a CV.