External Examining – MN/BSc Hons Nursing – 2 Vacancies

Opening Date:
5 Aug 2022
Closing Date:
26 Aug 2022
Salary Range:

The MN/BSc Hons Nursing has evolved from a review of the existing BSc (Hons)Nursing programme that reflected the Division of Nursing’s focus on person-centredness set within the contemporary context of health and social care integration and the global health and wellbeing agenda with its emphasis on the creation of integrated health systems that meet the needs of the person, families and communities (Scottish Government (SG) 2017, World Health Organisation (WHO) 2015).

This is a full time 4-year programme. Each academic year will contain a blend of theoretical and practice learning that reflects our philosophy and meets the NMC Standards for Education (2018).

This integrated approach will ensure the delivery and achievement of the contemporary standards while responding to the ongoing impact and demands of professional nursing practice.
We are seeking new External Examiners for the MN/BSc Hons Nursing. External Examiners appointed to Integrated Masters are responsible for all modules at SCQF levels 9, 10 and 11 contributing to the degree classification as defined in the Definitive Programme Document.

The modules to be examined are for third and fourth year and one module for year 2, and include;

Year 2

  • Active Learning Communities 2 (20 credits, SCQF L9)

Year 3

  • Applying Nursing’s Metaparadigm in Person-Centred Contexts (20 credits, SCQF L9)
  • Pre-Requisites for Person-Centred Practice 3 (40 credits, SCQF L9)
  • Developing as a Person-Centred Facilitator and Leader (20 credits, SCQF L9)
  • Person-Centred Processes in Nursing 3 (BSc Hons route, 40 credits L9)
  • Person-centred Processes in Nursing 4 (MN route, 40 credits L10)
  • Active Learning Communities 3 (20 credits, SCQF L11)

Research Skills for Person-centred Practice (Online, MN route, SCQF L10)

Year 4

  • Integrated Person-centred Nursing Practice for Human Flourishing (60 credits, SCQF L10)
  • Master’s Research Dissertation/Project (MN route, 60 credits, SCQF L11)
  • Advancing Person-centred Practice (MN route, 40 credits, SCQF L11)
  • Dissertation/Workplace Project (BSc Hons route, 40 credits, SCQF L10)
  • Person-centred Assessment Skills (BSc Hons route, 20 credits, SCQF L10)

A range of assessment strategies are utilised including written assignments, reflective accounts, community profiling, presentation, and e-portfolio. We also welcome external examiners to be part of exam setting and provide comment on new curricula as it develops.

Further information about the programme is available at: https://www.qmu.ac.uk/study-here/undergraduate-study/2023/master-of-nursing-mnurse/

Further information around the role of the External Examiner at QMU is available at: https://www.qmu.ac.uk/about-the-university/quality/resources-for-external-examiners/

This appointment will commence in September 2022. Please send a brief CV by email, no later than Friday 26th August 2022 to the MN/BSc Hons Nursing Programme Leads Ruth Magowan rmagowan@qmu.ac.uk or Georgios Tsigkas gtsigkas@qmu.ac.uk

Please do not hesitate to contact Ruth Magowan or Georgios Tsigkas should you have any queries.