End-Point Assessment (EPA) External Examiner, Nursing Associate

Opening Date:
28 Jun 2021
Closing Date:
16 Jul 2021
Salary Range:

Apprenticeship and Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship


This appointment responds to changes in policy related to the end-point assessment for NMC programs, allowing UEA to conduct end-point assessments (EPA) as part of the assessment board process. The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IFATE) have amended the EPA for the NMC regulated courses below from non-integrated to integrated:

  • Nursing Associate Apprenticeship (HEE and NMC 2018 Curriculum)
  • Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship (NMC 2018)

The EPA consists of the UEA Assessment Board, as an NMC approved HEI, forwarding eligible apprentices to the NMC. Independent EPA must be assured and includes an EPA External Examiner (EE) for this phase. This provides independence and impartiality and requires assessment experience with robust industry knowledge to form judgements.


Nominated by the Chair of Examiners in consultation with the Course Director, the role will be formally approved by the Faculty of Medicine and Health’s Associate Dean of Learning, Teaching and Quality on behalf of the Committee, then invited to take up the role of EE by the Director of Student and Academic Services following successful completion of regulatory checks. The EE appointment is renewed annually for the duration of four years, with possible extension of one year to ensure continuity.


Effect the EPA as set out in the Assessment Plan for the Apprenticeship Standard, including:

  • Review and confirm evidence regarding EPA criteria
  • Confirm independence and impartiality of the process
  • Confirm maintenance of nationally comparable standards across HE institutions
  • Attend Award Boards associated with the listed program(s) and confirm successful apprentices with award classifications in accordance with UEA Award Regulations
  • Provide detailed, appropriate feedback to support EPA processes
  • Contribute to external quality assurance where appropriate
  • Maintain active NMC registration o Annually submit a conflict of interest declaration within the agreed timescale


The role requires:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the standard and assessment plan
  • Knowledge and understanding of UK sector agreed reference points to maintain academic standards and assurance of quality
  • Be a nurse registered with the NMC
  • Familiarity with EPA performance criteria
  • Comply with EPAO (NMC Approved Education Institution) requirements
  • Knowledge to undertake EPA activities with integrity and impartiality, offering fair, reliable and consistent assessment
  • Be independent of the apprentice, EPAO or employing organisation who are involved in delivering the apprenticeship

Additionally, all EEs at the UEA are required to demonstrate:

  • Relevant academic/professional qualifications to the level of qualification being externally examined, and/or extensive practitioner experience where appropriate
  • Sufficient standing, credibility and breadth of experience within the discipline to be able to command the respect of academic/professional peers

Training requirements

UEA is committed to providing EEs with resources and support to effectively carry out their duties. EPA EEs are expected to attend a UEA induction offered on an annual basis, meeting all relevant staff to gain understanding of the program, assessments, university processes and regulations.

For more information contact Rosie Doy at r.doy@uea.ac.uk