Director of Social Sciences

Opening Date:
1 Oct 2021
Closing Date:
17 Oct 2021
Salary Range:

A bit about the School of Health & Society

Our School is one of the largest providers of nursing, midwifery, social work and allied health professional education programmes in the UK. We are experts in the social sciences sector and are known locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for our applied research into the interface between culture, digital, health, wellbeing, housing, criminal justice and social care.

The research work within the subject groups is pushing forward the boundaries of academic knowledge and a great deal of the work done here is also in collaboration with external partners, helping to bring about real-world change in numerous policy, social and cultural structures and institutions. We effect social and cultural change by research-informed engagement and practice.

We have recently made a strategic decision to develop Policing as part of our portfolio of professional subject areas and have partnered with Greater Manchester Police Force to deliver a Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship; a Degree Holder Entry Programme and a Professional Development Transformation package in academic year 21/22. We have the drive and ambition to become a regional, national and international leader in Policing through professional education and development, research and enterprise.

Committed to breaking down barriers we are a diverse community which is energised by our commitment to our students, who come to Salford from all over the world. We take pride in our relations with the NHS and other health providers, local authorities and social care units, prisons and the Greater Manchester Police – we are at the very centre of the lives of our community and our students get real life experience from our experts in the field. With world class researchers informing the teaching we do and with award winning teaching facilities, the students experience a hands-on approach to developing their talents.

So what will the role involve?

As Director of Social Sciences, you will provide dynamic strategy and people leadership across the discipline, with industry experience and a track record of collaboration and stakeholder engagement to shape the School and Directorate vision.
You will manage the subject areas of Social Policy, Sociology, Criminology, Policing, Social Work and Counselling and Psychotherapy and be able to prioritise action and resources to meet the requirements of a broad and diverse portfolio to achieve excellence.
You will foster the development of an inclusive community, using teaching approaches which encourage inclusivity, working in partnership with students to improve their sense of belonging, diversifying the curriculum and using approaches to close the award gap

What’s in it for you?

With over 200 languages spoken across Greater Manchester, we want to create an inspirational, inclusive learning and working environment, celebrating the diversity of our University community in our everyday conversations. Our student population is already incredibly diverse and we want to ensure this is reflected across our colleague profile as well.

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