CoDH response to DHSC consultation on mandatory vaccination as a condition of employment

22 October 2021

The Council has responded to the Department of Health and Social Care’s consultation on making vaccination a condition of employment in the health and wider social care sector. This examines a proposal to to extend the existing statutory requirement for those working or volunteering in a car home to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to other health and care settings, as a condition of deployment.

The Council highlighted concerns with the potential impacts of the mandate as well as the implementation of the mandate and provided several recommendations:

  • Government awareness of the challenges facing HEIs in mandating vaccinations and support for implementation, particularly in address unvaccinated students unable to progress on programmes
  • Clear communication and guidance to HEIs including legal clarification in the cases of students unable to progress due to unvaccinated status who could claim their contract has been breached
  • Timely decision making to allow for smooth implementation as well as ongoing engagement to address any issues that arise


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