Joint letter on social care placements

26 April 2024

The Council of Deans of Health has joined with Skills for Care to issue a letter of guidance and good practice in the provision of placements in social care settings. This has been published in collaboration with NHS England’s Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care, Deborah Sturdy, and follows engagement with stakeholders in the health and education sectors, including students themselves.

Ed Hughes, CEO of the Council of Deans of Health said:

“This welcome guidance provides practical steps to expand placement capacity in social care. With our members facing increasing pressure to secure the placements needed for their students, social care settings can provide an important route to deliver this. The significant experience of social care professionals, and the familiarisation with the settings and people in these environments, are of huge benefits in themselves.

This work accords with the Council’s manifesto paper which calls to “expand and diversify the placements needed for a growth in healthcare students”, essential to delivering NHS England’s Long Term Workforce Plan, we are glad to support it.”

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