Race Equity Month

What is Race Equity Month? 

A month dedicated to exploring issues around racism in healthcare education. As a sector, we still have a long way to go to ensure that both our academic leaders and students we recruit reflect the breadth of our society. Our  CEO and Chair have restated the Council’s commitment to anti-racism and racial equity in a blog post which opened Race Equity Month 2023.

Race Equity Month 2023 has now come to an end, however it’s not too late to catch up with all of our Race Equity Month webinars and resources.

Decolonising the midwifery curriculumWith women from Black ethnic groups four times more likely to die in pregnancy than women from White groups, there has been increasing pressure on ensuring an inclusive and decolonised midwifery curriculum. This webinar considers what measures HEIs can implement to make the midwifery curriculum more inclusive.

Improving inclusion in research funding – This webinar explores the NIHR’s Research Inclusion Strategy 2022-2027. The NIHR are aiming to become a more inclusive funder of research and we look at exactly what this means and how they hope to achieve equitable research.

Exploring the Degree Awarding Gap – As we near five years since Universities UK’s report on the attainment gap in minoritised students, we consider what progress universities have made so far on ethnicity degree awarding gaps, and what more do they need to do.

Blogs and CoDHcasts from Race Equity Month 2023


Older Race Equity Month resources

Since our first Race Equity Month in 2021, we have continued to share a series of events, CoDHcasts, videos and blogs. We also continue our anti-racism and wider EDI work throughout the rest of the year. Catch up with some of our previous events/webinars:

Alongside our webinar series, we published a number of CoDHcasts and blogs, most of which shared examples of best practice. Themes included the Race Equality Charter, developing an anti-racism mission statement, and inclusive research strategies. All CoDHcasts remain available on the website.