What is SIHED?

The Office for Students funded the strategic interventions in health education disciplines (SIHED) programme. It began in January 2018 and formally ended in March 2021. The SIHED programme aimed to increase awareness of allied health disciplines, and also increase understanding of, and demand for, higher education courses in smaller allied health disciplines.

Our engagement with SIHED

The Council was involved with the SIHED programme from the outset but was asked to take on significant work for the project between January 2022-March 2023. This included running and promoting the I See The Difference website. We also promoted the SIHED Challenge Fund projects – innovative projects that would support the recruitment or delivery of healthcare disciplines. In sharing these projects, we hope to promote collaboration and sharing best practice, as well as encouraging others to think innovatively about recruitment and retention strategies for AHP students in particular. You can learn more about the Challenge Fund projects below.

Webinar: Diversifying Recruitment

11 Aug 2021 in Policy, SIHED
Our first webinar as part of our Strategic Interventions in Healthcare Education Disciplines (SIHED) work was focussed around diversifying recruitment in allied health. Senior Policy and Research Officer Robyn Cooke w... Read More »

SIHED Blog – Escape Rooms

10 Aug 2021 in Blogs, Policy, SIHED
A guest blog by Julie Hall, Birmingham City University. This blog forms part of our Strategic Interventions in Health Education Disciplines (SIHED) legacy work. Currently one in two people in the UK are expected to de... Read More »