The Council’s research portfolio focusses strategically on:

  • promoting the Council’s vision of research in our disciplines and influence to increase capacity and capability
  • advocating for an increase in research funding and research career opportunities for our disciplines
  • promoting strong research environments in universities’ health faculties
  • advocating for better career pathways for clinical academics in our professions across the UK

The Council’s Research Advisory Group provides strategic advice on the priorities and workstreams of the portfolio.

Our Research Leads Network is comprised of research leads in our members’ faculties or schools. The Network contributes to the Council’s research work and advises us on more detailed strategic research issues.

Since 2018, the Council has also been hosting the Healthcare Professionals Clinical Academic Roles and Career Pathways Implementation Network, which was formerly hosted by the Association of UK University Hospitals (AUKUH) and which works on the UK-wide implementation of clinical academic roles for healthcare professionals (excluding doctors and dentists).

Office lead: Robyn Cooke