Council welcomes NAO workforce report

22 March 2024

The Council of Deans of Health was glad to contribute to the National Audit Office’s report on NHS England’s modelling for the Long Term Workforce Plan.

Following his engagement with the work and the publication of the report, Ed Hughes, CEO of the Council of Deans of Health said:

“The Council of Deans welcomes today’s publication of an NAO report on the modelling for the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan  to which we were pleased to contribute. The recommendations make clear that future iterations of the modelling for the future workforce should be based on broad engagement with stakeholders across the system. As the report notes, rapid expansion of capacity has implications for those providing education and training in both the health and education sectors, and depends on sufficient suitably qualified applicants to fill available places. As stated in the report, future work on the modelling should consider the potential interaction between rapid expansion and quality standards, as well as any potential impact on student retention.”

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