Think tanks experience simulation at University of Greenwich

22 September 2023

The Council of Deans of Health was delighted to coordinate a visit of leading Westminster think tanks and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) to experience simulation-based learning at the University of Greenwich.

The RCN and think tanks, from across the political spectrum, took part in a deeply immersive experience at the Greenwich Learning and Simulation Centre on 19th September. Participants joined extremely realistic scenarios such as simulated childbirth, surgery and intubation. The University of Greenwich staff and Council team used the opportunity to show the value of simulation-based education and articulate the steps forward we want to further promote this to enhance the student experience and patient safety.

Feedback from the participants has been very positive. All made it clear they had a much stronger understanding of, and appreciation for, the role simulation can play in educating nurses, midwives and AHPs. The Council is grateful to the University of Greenwich for an excellent initiative and is following up with the RCN, Adam Smith Institute, Centre for Policy Studies, Fabian Society and Policy Exchange on what more we can do together to support this agenda.

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