New report showcases approaches to integrating research in pre-registration healthcare curricula

15 May 2019

A new report by the Council of Deans of Health highlights how universities are developing research skills in pre-registration healthcare students in order to ensure they are able to deliver safe, effective and person-centred practice.

The report, Becoming research confident, is based on a survey of UK universities and demonstrates how modules on research methods and evidence-informed practice, research-informed teaching, dissertations and interdisciplinary research projects are among the approaches being used to expose students to research. Other examples include universities working closely with healthcare providers to create research placements and projects in practice to apply their research skills.

Professor Brendan McCormack, the Council’s Executive Member for Research, said:

“All healthcare professionals need to have foundational understanding of the role of research in assessing, evaluating and improving practice and universities play a crucial role in equipping the future workforce with the skills and confidence to apply and produce evidence. The case studies included in this report show the diversity of approaches taken to making students confident users and producers of research. The report also highlights the obvious potential to increase research opportunities for students through close collaboration between universities and practice partners.”

The Council will be continuing to develop its work in this area to promote best practice and influence policy debates about the value of research.

Professor McCormack said:

“I am grateful to our members for their contributions to this important piece of work and to the many external organisations that offered their expertise and perspectives. I look forward to continuing to lead conversations on this subject over the coming year.”


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