We are recruiting

27 March 2017 in News Releases
We are offering an exciting opportunity to join the Council’s policy team as a Senior Policy Officer. The main areas of our policy work are international and research policy, workforce, r... Read more »

Radical change the quiet way

16 March 2017 in Blogs
As the Council moves to the development of its next strategic plan, a question that comes to mind is around painting the context that surrounds our sector. And more than ever before our s... Read more »

Why #Weareinternational

9 February 2017 in Blogs
Narrative in political debates and the media recently has positioned internationalisation and globalisation as being a ‘negative’ thing, something that intellectual elites support to the ... Read more »


26 January 2017 in Blogs
As I took the train from London up to Edinburgh earlier this week, I could not stop admiring the scenery as soon as we got to Scotland. Arriving in Edinburgh, along with the wonderful arc... Read more »