Reflections on the journey so far

30th March 2020
By Jemma Hughes It has been two weeks since the Council of Deans of Health’s #150Leaders Conference took place in Reading. It was two days of inspiring stories, incredible people, and a true sense of community that will travel with me for a long time. And I almost never applied. Imposter Syndrome has stalked me […]

Students attend Healthcare Leadership Academy conference

5th January 2020
A group of #150Leaders attended the Healthcare Leadership Academy Conference in December. Some of the students reflect on the opportunity to attend: I am a yes woman. I try and say yes to every opportunity that comes my way that I know I will benefit from. Learning comes in so many forms, not just in […]

Reflections – Abbie Rich

30th October 2019
Abbie is a student midwife at the University of Plymouth I’m currently in my third-year of midwifery degree with the University of Plymouth and applied for the programme in my second-year. In all honesty, if you’d told me at the start of my degree that I’d have completed this programme, and the opportunities that have […]

I can’t be a leader because…

30th October 2019
by Natalie Elliott, student nurse, Glasgow Caledonian University When I saw the advert for the Council of Deans of Health (CoDH) Student Leadership Programme (#150Leaders), I found it an odd concept that students were encouraged to be leaders. How could a student possibly be a leader? What are the benefits? Throughout my life, I have […]

Reflections: Zoe visits the Royal College of Nursing HQ

25th October 2019
Zoe, student children’s nurse at Middlesex University, shares her coaching experience on the Programme and her visit to the Royal College of Nursing headquarters. I’ve had over a ten-year hiatus from the corporate world, having spent the interim period chairing the school’s Parents Association, working with various charities, keeping busy in between bringing up the […]

Swansea’s Student Leadership Academy (Part Two)

11th September 2019
Part two by Beryl Mansel, founder of Swansea’s Student Leadership Academy I had a vision, a picture of what the Student Leadership Academy (SLA) could be and should be. A BIG idea! However, how do I turn this vision into a reality? One small step at a time. My initial step was to effectively communicate […]

Swansea’s Leadership Leadership Academy (Part One)

3rd September 2019
My journey across the stepping stones to the Student Leadership Academy A reflection of new experiences, skills and opportunities in creating and shaping Swansea University Student Leadership Academy. By Beryl Mansel @SWANSLA In 2016 I applied and was accepted to join the Advisory Group for the Council of Deans of Health (CoDH) Student Leadership Programme. […]

Reflections – Evan Howle

25th March 2019
Student Learning Disability nurse Evan shares his experience of the Student Leadership Programme residential event in March 2019. I am writing this on the way back from the student leadership event; organised by the Council of Deans of Health, with support from the Burdett Trust. What can I say, other than wow? The enthusiasm, passion […]

Reflections: Zoe Carciente

25th March 2019
Zoe, student children’s nurse at Middlesex University, shares her experience of the Student Leadership Programme so far. Over the past year I’ve seen tweets bandied about on Twitter about #150Leaders, always encouraging messages, constant streams of positivity. I always wondered how all these people who had just met had this instant click, which was certainly […]

Reflections: Council of Deans of Health – Annual Conference

11th February 2019
By Alison Booker Over the last year, I have been participating in a Student Leadership Programme. As a result of my engagement in the programme I was invited to speak at the Council of Deans of Health’s Annual Conference, held at the British Medical Association in London. The organisers from the Council of Deans invited […]