200 Years On: Florence, fear and field hospitals

12th May 2020
By Rachael Palmer, third-year student nurse, University of Plymouth The word ‘Nightingale’ has become a household name in recent weeks, with the building of huge field hospitals to treat COVID-19 patients. NHS Nightingale London was built in just 9 days. But why is Florence Nightingale a symbol for modern nursing today and how does this […]

COVID19 and the Year of the Nurse and Midwife

12th May 2020
By Brian Webster, student nurse, University of Dundee COVID19 has very few positives but at least, thanks to COVID19, healthcare professionals and nurses, in particular, are being recognised, appreciated, and commended for their professionalism, commitment and determination. Due to COVID19, the wider public are now hearing more from the World Health Organisation (WHO), with some […]

My leadership journey reflection

14th April 2020
By Simon James, second year adult nursing student, Swansea University Before commencing my nursing degree in September 2018, I was employed in various areas of retail and hospitality, where even though I had accrued the titles of supervisor and assistant manager, I can honestly say I had little leadership experience. The closest to displaying leadership […]

When “I” became “we”

9th April 2020
By David Cabrini-Back, student physiotherapist, Bournemouth University At the recent PhysioUK conference, #150Leaders alumni Emma Coleman said that a Physio career looks less like an arrow and more like spaghetti (I paraphrase). I could argue that I have already had a spaghetti route getting to Physio, before I even started. I was a Chiropractor for […]

A leader, me? Haha!

8th April 2020
By Ismat Khan, diagnostic radiography student, University of Cumbria The title of this reflection is the exact thought-stream that ran through my brain the second I came across an email regarding the Student Leadership Programme. I remember opening the email and glancing at it and thinking that could never be me. I can’t do that. […]

What is a leader?

6th April 2020
By Rachael McGregor, second year adult nursing student, University of Glasgow When I applied for the Council of Deans of Health’s Student Leadership Programme, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I had done the research, and read other reflections by previous participants, but still had little information about how it would impact me, […]

The Leadership Journey So Far: From Ally to Advocate

3rd April 2020
By Phillip Bardy, first year adult nursing student, University of West London I honestly hadn’t planned on applying for the Council of Deans of Health’s Student Leadership Programme. I hadn’t put myself forward for any leadership roles within university up until that point. I had told myself I was doing this because as a white […]

Reflections from Brian Webster

1st April 2020
By Brian Webster, University of Dundee Nursing is a challenging career and I would argue that studying nursing, even more so. Juggling practice placement, a 50% element of the course, with theory, so assignments, coursework and deadlines, as well as personal commitments, hobbies, interests and for some, part-time employment. For me, being a father of […]

From Dreamer to Student Leader

31st March 2020
By Alicia Burnett, third year student midwife, University of West London I have always wanted to help people but I have not always been sure about how to make this dream a reality. Through studying midwifery I have found my place in the world, and by gaining a place on the Student Leadership Programme, I […]

I’m not a leader…?

31st March 2020
By Becca Lennox, first year adult nursing student, Liverpool John Moores University Last year, I received an email telling me about a leadership programme. I thought, why am I being sent this; I’m not a leader?. I read about the programme and saw that there were only 50 places per year in the whole of […]