Coaching is a key component of the Student Leadership Programme. The coaching scheme is about leadership style and aspirations more so than careers advice. The key factors of the Student Leadership Project are co-creation, co-production and personal experience. Therefore, the main aspect of the coaching scheme is developing the students’ leadership potential and recognising the best leadership traits in them.

1) Clearer focus on goals and development needs
2) Enhanced problem-solving skills
3) Exposure to senior leaders in the health sector
4) Develop a wider network
5) Greater understanding of leadership and how to be a great leader

Each student on the programme is allocated a coach to support them on their leadership journey from March-October. The Student Leadership Programme team assesses the needs of the student, based on the information provided on their application form. We then analyse our pool of volunteer coaches to consider which coach would be the best match given the student needs and also geographic proximity.

Find out more about some of the programme’s wonderful coaches.

If you’d like more information or would like to be a coach on the Student Leadership Programme, please email the team.