UniHealth Campaign – June 2020

We are currently preparing a Twitter campaign, to run throughout June, highlighting the amazing work that our members have been doing during the Covid-19 crisis. Looking at our member institutions, there has already been strong communication around supporting students and student engagement, and the Universities UK campaign has also highlighted some of the activity that has taken place. We intend to focus this particular campaign on the work of the staff within health schools and faculties from deans to academics and other faculty staff.

Much of the work that our members have been doing, at this difficult time, is an extension of the unique and vital work they do to support the NHS, policy makers and their local communities, and we want to highlight the important ongoing contribution that they make on a local and national level.

To do this, we are planning a campaign that runs over four weeks, with a different focus for each week.


  • Week 1 (1-7 June) – General introduction week – An overview of member activities
  • Week 2 (8-14 June) – Researching Covid-19 – What research are our members doing in response to Covid-19, and how is evidence produce by our members shaping the Covid-19 response?
  • Week 3 (15-21 June) – Supporting the NHS – How are our members supporting the local NHS, and how has this work built on and strengthened existing connections and networks?
  • Week 4 (22-28 June) – Supporting local communities – What are our members doing to support their communities and the wider public?

How can you get involved?

We are asking all members to contribute through:

  • Submit a short blog about a specific project or area of work, or more generally about your experiences during Covid-19
  • Submit details of your faculty’s work/activities for the Council to tweet
  • From the 1 June, get your faculty/department to tweet at the Council about their work, with the hashtag #UniHealth