15th February 2024

Sustaining the inspiration: Keeping the Motivation Alive Beyond the Opening Conference

A guest blog by 150Leader Sally Hao, Adult Nursing Student at the University of Brighton.

It has been over four months since the Student Leadership Programme Opening Conference in Manchester, September 2023. Each of us was motivated by different sessions, whether it was Alumni’s speeches, national healthcare leaders’ presentations, or the ‘Dragon’s Den’ competition. Despite the diverse sources of inspiration, all student leaders were ignited by the conference as a whole. As the curtain fell on the event, the challenge became not just remembering, but actively nurturing the flame of motivation and inspiration.

Now, four months later, the momentum remains strong, and the glow of motivation continues brightly after the incredible #150Leaders Conference. As we step into the world beyond the conference hall, the event is not just to be remembered but to ensure that the empowerment gained continue to propel us forward.

After the conference, many of us took time for reflection, renewing our inspiration. Some shared their experiences on the programme’s blog, while most engaged in discussions on the group chat. We revisited key moments, identifying what resonated most and determining our next steps. By doing so, we reignited the spark and strengthened the foundation which our motivation stands.

Motivation thrives when fuelled by clear goals. Many leaders have set tangible objectives for themselves to transform the inspiration from the conference into actionable steps. Personally, I commenced my project as my first step. With guidance from my coach, Dr Allen, from the University of Southampton, I gained strength and clarity, setting out a roadmap for my journey ahead.

On this journey, we are not alone. A strong network has been established through the conference. There is a strong sense of support within it. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who share our enthusiasm for growth and empowerment is essential. Connecting with fellow attendees, joining communities, and seeking mentors enriches our experience and provides valuable insights.

The achievements of others within our network, such as Rachel’s wonderful experience to speech at Parliament representing students from 140 universities in the UK. She has sparked the inspiration, which propel us all forward.

Each of us has been assigned a coach to assist with our projects and goals. Having someone on our side to work towards our aspirations is invaluable. Celebrating milestones, no matter how small, boosts confidence and reinforces our resilience and determination.

Maintaining a growth mindset is crucial to keep the momentum going. We are open to adaptation to ensure our motivation remains dynamic and resilient. Regular reflection sessions allow us to assess progress, re-evaluate goals, and realign motivations.

Inspired by our experiences, we can inspire others too by sharing our journeys and lessons learned. By contributing to a positive and motivated community, we reinforce our commitment to growth and development.

As we reflect on the past four months, we recognize that with reflection, goal setting, support networks, celebration of milestones, continual learning, and regular reflection, our motivation remains unwavering. The Conference marked the beginning, but we, the #150Leaders will sustain motivation and be the change-makers. Let the journey continue.