Domain 6: Research, Innovation & Quality Improvement

Educational innovation is vital to ensure that learners are equipped to work within the workforce of the future, and research and quality improvement processes are fundamental. Strengthening the evidence base to inform education practice, enhance learner support, ensuring education programme content aligns with advances and innovations, allows us to drive education quality and meet the needs of future students, staff, and service users. Educators should critically evaluate their own educational practice and where appropriate practice. Ensuring that new developments within their scope of practice as educators, for inclusion in the educational curricula.


Steps for development in this domain could be to:

  • Participate in educational audit, evaluation and/or Quality Improvement (QI) projects or research
  • Develop or lead educational audit and/or QI projects or research
  • Critically evaluate new developments in scope of practice for inclusion in education curricula and/or syllabus
  • Critically evaluate outcomes of learning and/ or teaching practice of yourself and others
  • Adapt your learning and/or teaching practice in response to evaluation

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