Domain 4: Formal Knowledge and Skills

Educators develop knowledge and skills during their practice through both formal and informal opportunities. They complete appropriate education and training and where appropriate accreditation and/or formal qualifications to enable them to fulfil an educator role and regularly engage with continuing professional development in relation to their educator responsibilities to maintain and build on competencies.


Steps for development in this domain could be to:

  • Participate in regular CPD relating to education role in accordance with job description and professional body guidance
  • Mentor, supervise, and teach learners, support staff & other professionals
  • Develop evidence based learning materials (physical and digital)
  • Co-produce, evaluate and update course content /curriculum and incorporate new, evidence-based developments in educational practice in line with appropriate professional standards
  • Promote & contribute to education & training of clinical and/or academic staff, learners & other groups.
  • Actively participate and engage in communities of education practice & knowledge exchange

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