International higher education and research cooperation has become integral to the work of many of our work.

The Council’s global portfolio focuses on:

  • Facilitating global partnerships for our members and engaging with international networks of healthcare higher education leaders
  • Securing strong higher education and research cooperation worldwide post-Brexit
  • Showcasing the breadth of our members’ global engagement

The Council is working closely with other umbrella organisations in the health and social care sector as well as higher education to highlight the policy implications of Brexit for our members. Central to this is our membership of the Cavendish Coalition, a group of 36 health and social care organisations working together to secure the workforce required to deliver care post-Brexit.  The Council is also a member of the EU Nursing and Midwifery Forum.

The Council’s Global Advisory Group provides strategic advice on the priorities and workstreams of the portfolio.  

Lead member: Lisa Bayliss-Pratt

Scotland lead: Aisha Holloway

Wales lead: Dianne Watkins

Office lead: Robyn Cooke