The Development of a PgC in Physician Associate Studies


When did you first introduce the innovation?

Less than 12 months ago

Please describe the innovation you have developed

The development of a PgC in PAS represents the potential start of the next phase in the introduction/integration of a new profession into the NHS Physician Associates.

Although these professional are well established in the UK they remain a very small sector of the workforce in the UK; signs are this is about to change.

What prompted you to develop this innovation?

Regional initiative.

In your view, what is it about this innovation that makes it different/important?

The introduction of this new grouping could have a very positive impact on the challenges facing General Practice and Urgent and Emergency care services.

To what extent does your innovation make use of existing approaches, resources or technologies?

The innovation will make use of existing and new technologies.

To what degree has this innovation led to changes in education or clinical practice?

The innovate MAY impact on the future structural organisation of medical education

What evidence do you have of the impact of the innovation?

Evidence collation will be the focus of a longitudinal study by the university – there is evidence from the US of positive impact.

To what degree has the innovation been disseminated in your organisation or elsewhere?

The introduction of PA’s is becoming more headline news.

Please provide details of any plans you have to disseminate the innovation in the future.

The development at CCCU is part of a HEKSS regional initiative – dissemination via conference/papers will follow.