Making learning fun – Become a neurotransmitter or antipsychotic; Which one will you be?


When did you first introduce the innovation?

Between 12 and 24 months ago

Please describe the innovation you have developed

An interactive, engaging and fun session about psychiatric medication. The students become Dopamine and move around the classroom to show the affects of antipsychotics. The students play receptors and then others act as blockers (antipsychotics). Another session also shows the working of antidepressants. Balloons are used to demonstrate it to a large lecturer theatre.

What prompted you to develop this innovation?

Personal interest in making learning fun and enjoyable particularly for a difficult topic that students can struggle with.

In your view, what is it about this innovation that makes it different/important?

It is completely interactive enabling the students to see what psychiatric medications do. It is a fun way of learning a difficult topic.

To what extent does your innovation make use of existing approaches, resources or technologies?

Interactive approaches to teaching.

To what degree has this innovation led to changes in education or clinical practice?

Students developed a greater understanding of the workings of psychiatric medication. This support their exam revision and developed their knowledge for practice. Such innovative teaching is being presented at the University of Central Lancashire teaching and learning conference, to encourage other academics to be innovative and make learning fun.

What evidence do you have of the impact of the innovation?

Module feedback from the students. High pass marks for the module. Recognition from students by receiving nominations for awards and winning of awards.

To what degree has the innovation been disseminated in your organisation or elsewhere?

To be presented at the university teaching and learning conference.

Please provide details of any plans you have to disseminate the innovation in the future.

Aiming for publications and further conferences.