Informality to support learning, including assignment guidance.


When did you first introduce the innovation?

Between 12 and 24 months ago

Please describe the innovation you have developed

For the personality disorder modules the team foster an informal and comfortable teaching environment, where students feel able to discuss difficult topics in a meaningful way.

Supportive assignment guidance through a variety of means- including video brief, scheduled group supervision, looking at previous work and 1:1 support.

What prompted you to develop this innovation?

Taking school wide recommendations further.

Previous feedback from students.

Pedagogic research.

In your view, what is it about this innovation that makes it different/important?

It takes a supportive approach even further to enhance the students experience and encourage learning.

To what extent does your innovation make use of existing approaches, resources or technologies?

Current supportive teaching approaches and assignment guidance.

To what degree has this innovation led to changes in education or clinical practice?

High pass rate and high average marks for the modules. Students feedback specifically referring to the supportive environment and support for assignment. The students reported that they feel better able to manage practice difficulties and the module enhanced their practice.

What evidence do you have of the impact of the innovation?

Module feedback from students and external examiner, high average mark mark.

To what degree has the innovation been disseminated in your organisation or elsewhere?

Module reports completed.

Please provide details of any plans you have to disseminate the innovation in the future.

Conferences and papers to publish.