Career Stages in AHP Education

The framework considers the development of AHPs across all career stages as a flexible journey. Progression through the career framework may not be straightforward or linear. Whilst there are some common trajectories in the series of roles that individuals choose to follow, this is not rigidly defined.

It establishes education as an important pillar of practice as early as possible in all AHP professionals’ careers. The framework has been designed to be practical and easy to navigate so that AHPs can map their current experience and expertise to identify developmental opportunities and steps for career development. It also aims to be overtly inclusive in promoting diversity in the AHP workforce, emphasising equality of opportunity and addressing education inequalities where they exist.

We interviewed AHPs from a diverse range of professions, roles and career stages from students to Professors and Vice Chancellors to find out what their experience of AHP education had been like up to now and what their expectations were. You can see all ten interviews on our YouTube playlist.