Race Equity Group

In 2020, the Council of Deans of Health set up its Race Equity Group (formerly Anti-Racism Advisory Group). The purpose of the Race Equity Group is to advise the Council of Deans of Health’s Board and staff team on race equity aspects of its policy work and organisational processes. The group aims to support the Council in its race equity work, including delivering projects and influencing policy where relevant.


  • To provide advice and recommendations to the Council on race equity related issues in healthcare higher education, contributing to the Council’s project work and influencing of policy.
  • To collaborate with and feed into the Council’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Policy Group (EDI SPG) to inform project work as well as the capacity to influence agenda.
  • To support the Council’s wider membership to ensure better minority ethnic representation at senior leadership level and promote the recruitment of a more diverse academic workforce, as well as proposing tailored leadership solutions to support succession planning.
  • To encourage and support universities to foster an inclusive environment for all staff and healthcare students, specifically for those from minority ethnic communities.
  • To collate a repository of resources which can support members in progressing anti-racist and anti-discriminatory working practices in healthcare higher education.

The group’s membership is comprised of a mix of staff (including the CEO), trustees, the chair of the Council’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Policy Group, named members, academics and researchers from member institutions, and students from our Student Leadership Programme. The group members represent all four nations of the UK, as well as a range of professional backgrounds.

For more information, please contact Amelia Canning.