Reflection for Student Leadership

16th November 2017
The song ‘Life is a Rollercoaster’ could not have been more appropriate to describe how my first year as a Nursing Associate and getting onto this Leadership course has been. The Nursing Associate course had so much interest that I could not believe that not only me but also my partner had managed to get […]

Mentoring on the Student Leadership Programme

15th November 2017
The Council of Deans of Health, with support from the Burdett Trust for Nursing, launched a Student Leadership Programme recently to build the capacity of nursing, midwifery and allied health students in leadership. This innovative initiative is developing students’ knowledge, skills and networks to enhance their leadership potential both as students and as professional practitioners, […]

Student Leadership Programme – my experience

6th November 2017
Participating on the Student Leadership programme has given me an understanding of leadership styles and approaches in a society where industries, companies and health care settings are adapting and evolving. As a student nurse taking part in the programme, I have had an insight into the journey of leaders in the nursing and healthcare sector […]

Reflecting on the Student Leadership Programme

7th August 2017
Beryl Mansel, Director of the Swansea Student Leadership Academy, Student Leadership Programme Coach and Advisory Group member, shares her thoughts on the Programme. The Council of Deans of Health in partnership with the Burdett Trust have introduced a two-year project aiming to develop and promote student’s leadership abilities. The Students Leadership Project objectives are to […]

Reflections on #150Leaders

7th August 2017
Earlier this year I decided to apply to the Council of Deans Student Leadership Programme, excited by the potential opportunity to learn from leaders in nursing and network with my new peers.  I have always had firm views about nursing care and ideas about how it needed to develop, but never felt like I was […]

Leadership: a personal reflection

27th July 2017
As a brand new and fresh faced first year student, leadership wasn’t something I had consciously pursued amidst all of the learning and getting to grips with new placements and environments but I quickly came to find myself in leadership positions. I recall listening to people’s stories about their journey to begin the nursing course […]

Leadership programme reflection

27th July 2017
Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to be chosen to participate in the leadership programme run by The Council of Deans. The programme was set out to provide 150 healthcare students the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills through a 3-4 month long learning programme providing training in the essential knowledge and skills […]

#150 Leaders

27th July 2017
At the beginning of July I was lucky enough to have been invited to be one of the #150Leaders, a new campaign run by The Council of Deans to develop and encourage healthcare students with leadership potential. I was excited to meet students across the entire sphere of healthcare professionals, and as we ate dainty […]

Leadership is all about generosity

21st July 2017
I have just come back from two hugely generous events with 60 nursing, midwifery and allied health professional students. They are part of the Council of Deans and Burdett Trust for Nursing Student Leadership Programme and alongside 90 more students that will join us next year, they form our #150Leaders. As we spent time listening […]

Student Leadership July events

20th July 2017
The first two cohorts of a total of 60 students enrolled on the new Student Leadership Project met for the first time in Birmingham on 5/6 and 12/13 July. Activities included interactive lectures on leadership from guest speakers, students working together on leadership healthcare scenarios, sketchnoting and presenting posters on leadership and thinking collectively on […]