15th June 2021

#150Leaders Podcast Episode 9

Episode 9 – Transition

Simon James, student nurse at Swansea University, speaks to two #150Leaders alumni Pippa Chillman and Zoe Carciente. As Simon prepares for his soon-to-be new role as a registered nurse, he asks Pippa and Zoe about their transition from student to qualified nurse, how the Student Leadership Programme has benefited them in their current roles and what their next steps are.

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6th April 2021

#150Leaders Podcast Episode 8

Episode 8 – A pickle in a burger

Nichole Yam, occupational therapist and #150Leaders alumni, interviews Ragen Stevart, Specialist Neurological Occupational Therapist and Community Neurology Team OT Clinical Lead at Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust. Nichole and Ragen discuss leadership, including preferred leadership styles and imposter syndrome. They also reflect on their experiences of moving from other countries and being South East Asian women, and what the impact of that has been on their perceptions of leadership.

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30th March 2021

#150Leaders Podcast Episode 7

Episode 7 – Midwives & Motivations

In this episode, newly-qualified midwives and #150Leaders alumni Abbie Rich, Mhairi McLellan and Jayne Cardwell explore their time on the Student Leadership Programme and how they have applied the learning to their new roles as midwives in very different geographical areas of the UK. They share their future goals, thoughts on further study and research, and reflect on balancing lots of competing priorities including in their personal lives.


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9th March 2021

#150Leaders Podcast Episode 6

Episode 6 – Learning Disability Nursing

#150Leaders Anna Mulvihill and Helen Thompson are both studying learning disability nursing at the University of the West of England, Bristol, and the University of South Wales respectively. In this podcast episode, they compare their journeys into LD nursing, consider some of the misconceptions of what LD nursing is and explore how the profile of LD nursing can raised.

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2nd March 2021

#150Leaders Podcast Episode 5

Episode 5 – Ambition

#150Leaders alumna Clare Manley is joined by fellow nurse and friend Jessica Sainsbury, former Chair of the RCN Students Committee. In the podcast, they speak about their experiences in starting nursing as a second career, and their thoughts on the words “ambition” and “leadership”. Clare and Jess discuss the power of Twitter for finding new opportunities and the importance of saying ‘yes’ to the right opportunities.

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23rd February 2021

#150Leaders Podcast Episode 4

Episode 4 – Pandemic Placements

In this podcast, we are joined by Joy O’Gorman and Simon James from our current #150Leaders cohort. They reflect on their time last year at the height of the pandemic and think back to their very personal decisions to continue with placement, and the implications of the decision. They share some of their feelings now many months on back in placement and similarities and differences from a year ago. Joy and Simon also consider how they’ve grown, what they’ve learnt and what their advice is to others in similar shoes.

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15th February 2021

#150Leaders Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3 – journeys of the first cohort with Leanne Patrick

#150Leaders alumna Leanne Patrick reflects back on her time on the first cohort of the Student Leadership Programme back in 2017. She shares her experience of the programme, what she learnt and how she’s made the most of the Student Leadership Programme. We reflect on Leanne’s progress and journey so far, and look ahead to exciting future opportunities.

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9th February 2021

#150Leaders Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2 – thoughts on theory

In this podcast, we are joined by Brian Webster and Lucy Spencer from our current #150Leaders cohort. They reflect on their time last year at the height of the pandemic and their decisions to opt for online learning route at their respective universities. They also share some of their top tips for managing with lots of online learning and reduced physical interactions with those from their cohorts.

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1st February 2021

#150Leaders Podcast Episode 1

Episode 1 – being a student midwife during the pandemic

In this podcast, we hear from three of our student midwives on the current #150Leaders cohort:

  • Jemma Hughes, Cardiff University
  • Georgia Parker, University of Bradford
  • Helen Pritchard, Oxford Brookes University

They share their experiences of being at university through the pandemic, how they’ve dealt with a lot of online teaching and changes to placement, and most importantly, self care and finding joy in every day.

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