Professor in Optometry

Opening Date:
2 Sep 2022
Closing Date:
14 Sep 2022
Salary Range:

Our BSc (Hons) Clinical Optometry course aims to provide graduates with the theoretical knowledge and clinical competence to practice safely and effectively in the speciality of optometry, prior to entering the pre-registration period and application to the GOC for professional registration. Continuing education, autonomy and evidence-based practice within
this professional role will be embedded within the three-year course.

The integration of knowledge and practical clinical skills form the basis for this course which aims to address the needs of the local and regional optometry workforce while also promoting the idea of innovation throughout all aspects of optometry. It has clear learning outcomes and encourages a systematic and integrated approach to study, ensuring that students are committed to lifelong learning, professional development and continuous education and training. Throughout the course, practice-based learning will be utilised to provide first-hand knowledge of working life in the optometric profession. This approach means graduates enter the profession prepared and passionate to develop as clinicians and to drive the profession forward.

The University onsite optometry suite boasts high quality, professional standard equipment and facilities. It has GOC approval and offers 12 bays for first and second-year students to practice in. We are currently developing a clinical hub for our third-year clinics. It hub will offer a holistic experience across healthcare courses within the School, such as physiotherapy and dental hygiene, and promotes inter-professional learning for different cohorts of students. From the first year our students will undergo extensive placement in both multiple, independent and hospital practices. We have grown relationships with local providers who are looking forward to giving our students the best experience and learning environment as possible.