External Panel Member for validation on 4 April – UAwd Independent Prescribing for Pharmacists (Practice Certificate in Independent Prescribing)

Opening Date:
19 Mar 2019
Closing Date:
26 Mar 2019
Salary Range:

The Department of Nursing, Health and Professional Practice at the University of Cumbria are seeking External Panel Members for the validation of the following programme on 4th April 2019 at our Lancaster campus

  • UAwd Independent Prescribing for Pharmacists (Practice Certificate in Independent Prescribing)

The University is able to pay a fee of £100 for you to attend and participate in this event. We will also reimburse all reasonable expenses and would be pleased to arrange travel and overnight accommodation if required.

As a minimum, External Panel Member nominees should have:

  • Current or recent knowledge of working in UK Higher Education.
  • An understanding of the expectations for UK academic programmes at the proposed level.
  • Familiarity with processes for approving academic programmes in Higher Education.
  • Knowledge of the subject area.

To preserve integrity of the process, External Panel Member nominees should not:

  • Have been involved with the development of the proposal.
  • Be a current External Examiner for the University, nor must members of the proposing team be an external examiner for the nominee’s institution.
  • Be currently professionally involved with members of the Programme Team, such as co-author of a recent book or other publication, or joint collaborators in research projects in the subject area(s).
  • Have been employed within the previous five years at the University (including as an External Examiner).
  • Be currently employed at any of the University’s Associate Partners.
  • Be currently employed at certain local institutions or direct competitor institutions relevant to the subject area

There are no geographical limits on External Panel Member nominees, but there may be a balance to be struck with reasonable travelling times and costs.

If you satisfy the above criteria, are available on the dates stated to join the validation panel, contact Claire Callaghan Claire.callaghan@cumbria.ac.uk