External Advisor for Post-Registration Education (Institute of Health)

Opening Date:
18 Dec 2018
Closing Date:
14 Jan 2019
Salary Range:

The Institute of Health in the Faculty of Education, Health and Welling of the University of Wolverhampton is seeking External Advisors for the curriculum review and revalidation of the following programmes in our post-registration education portfolio for nurses and allied health professionals:

  • MSc Nursing
  • MSc Advanced Clinical Practice
  • Return to Practice (Nursing)
  • Supervising and Assessing Learners in Practice
  • Compton Care courses and modules
  • Non-medical prescribing
  • Emergency Practitioner
  • Critical Care (Nursing Studies / Specialist Clinical Practice)

As a minimum, External Team Member nominees should have:

  • Applied knowledge of continuing professional development (CPD) for post-registration education in nursing and allied health
  • An understanding of recent developments in CPD for post-registration education such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s new Standards for prescribing programmes, and Health Education England’s National Framework for Multi-Professional Advanced Clinical Practice
  • Familiarity with the expectations of potential employers in the area of CPD for post-registration education in nursing and allied health

To preserve integrity of the process, External Advisors nominees should not:

  • Be a current External Examiner for the University;
  • Have been employed within the previous five years at the University (including as an External Examiner);
  • Be currently employed at any of the University’s Associate Partners

If you satisfy the above criteria and would like to volunteer to support the validation as an External Advisor, please submit your CV to FEHWQuality@wlv.ac.uk and quote the following reference code: DS/171218.

If you require further information about the role please contact Dr Julian Barratt, Head of Post-Registration Education at: Julian.Barratt@wlv.ac.uk