Associate Professor Allied Health Professions

Opening Date:
28 Oct 2022
Closing Date:
2 Dec 2022
Salary Range:

Teaching and Learning Support

  • Facilitate, develop, lead and support innovations in the teaching activities of the School in agreed areas.
  • Plan, deliver and assess innovative, engaging and challenging teaching activities which provide a distinctive and exceptional student experience.
  • Undertaking teaching at undergraduate and/or postgraduate levels and carrying out all related activities, achieving good sustained levels of student progression and feedback. The range of teaching duties may change from time to time.
  • Support the design and development of new or existing programmes, advising on ways to enhance the quality of teaching and enrich the student experience and assisting with the resolution of problems affecting the quality of course delivery and student progress.
  • Work with others to develop College policy that influences and promotes good practice in all aspects of the student learning experience.
  • Support current staff and staff new to teaching within the School and provide guidance on development needs and opportunities.
  • Engage in teaching on undergraduate and/or postgraduate level programmes as determined by the Deputy Head of School. The range of teaching duties may change from time to time.
  • Lead a subject area or range of programmes and resolve problems affecting the quality of course delivery and student progress within own areas of responsibility. Research, Scholarly Activity and Professional Practice
  • Lead the development of research or significant scholarly work and evaluation to improve the quality of the student learning experience within the college.
  • Contribute towards strengthening the link between research in own discipline areas and the teaching of that discipline.
  • Sustain professional recognition by significant contribution to debates on teaching and learning on national and international issues and/or by sustaining a track record of such research or scholarly outputs disseminated in peer reviewed outlets.
  • If appropriate, pursue a personal research programme consistent with the School’s research priorities.
  • Conduct significant individual and /or collaborative scholarly and / or professional practice based projects that make a significant contribution to the School or College. OR • Have sufficient outputs to be returned in the REF at agreed minimum standards inclusive of complex circumstances.

Liaison and Networking

  • Be a member of the Teaching and Learning management team and contribute to University wide teaching and learning agendas.
  • Promote the reputation of the University within the wider higher education community through publications, contributions to conferences and liaison with the Higher Education Academy, including the relevant subject centre.
  • Liaise with and develop internal networks, for example by chairing and participating in institutional committees.
  • Lead, develop and contribute to relevant external networks, professional, national or international bodies such as Higher Education Committees and high level advisory groups.
  • Monitor external funding opportunities and assist the College and the University in securing external funding.
  • Interact and collaborate with other internal Schools and Colleges and external institutions and bodies on the establishment of joint projects to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

Team Working

  • Work as a member of the School management team to contribute to the development and management of the School.