Community Simulations


When did you first introduce the innovation?

Less than 12 months ago

Please describe the innovation you have developed

Introduce student nurses to a Community Nursing Environment.

What prompted you to develop this innovation?

The education sector faces major challenges in providing learning experiences so that newly qualified nurses feel adequately prepared to work in a community setting. With this in mind, HEIs need to develop more innovative ways to deliver the community nurse experience to student nurses.

In your view, what is it about this innovation that makes it different/important?

Simulation provides an opportunity for educators to evaluate student performance in an environment that models a complete patient encounter.

To what extent does your innovation make use of existing approaches, resources or technologies?

As senior lecturers, two being district nurses and one experienced in ward simulation, we came together proactively to enrich student learning and develop a highly realistic community learning environment in a non-conventional manner. We used each other’s skills and knowledge to challenge thoughts, reinforce thinking, prevent task orientated care and promote the use of efficient and effective communication as well as autonomy.

To what degree has this innovation led to changes in education or clinical practice?

Students feel more confident when going out on a community placement with the district nursing teams as they know what to expect.

What evidence do you have of the impact of the innovation?

One student told us:

‘This is a fantastic way to learn. It enables you to make mistakes in a safe environment which in turn allows a better placement experience.’

We have many more comments from students to reinforce the above quote and also won The Student Nursing Times Award – Teaching Innovation of the Year

To what degree has the innovation been disseminated in your organisation or elsewhere?

We are in the process of publishing an article around the innovation.

We are presenting at the UK Simulation Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Conference in Belfast this month (June 2015).