New report showcases the value of research placements for healthcare students

7 June 2021

A new report by the Council of Deans of Health showcases the value of research placements for nursing, midwifery and allied health profession students and how they can be successfully set up.

This report follows on from the 2019 publication Becoming research confident to address the recommendation that further collaboration between universities and practice partners is needed to increase ‘hands on’ research. The report outlines how research placements not only provide students with a tangible link between research and practice but also opens their eyes to different career pathways and professions.

Professor Brendan McCormack, the Council’s Lead Member for Research, said:

“It is essential for all healthcare professionals to have an understanding of the role of research in assessing, evaluating and improving practice. Research placements allow students to make sense of research ideas, principles and methodologies that might seem alien when only talked about in a classroom. The case studies included in this report show how research placements can be set up, delivered, and the positive response from both staff and students. ”

The Council will be continuing to promote and influence policy debates about the value of research placements and practice learning innovation.


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