Council welcomes new report on nursing workforce supply

10 December 2020

The Health Foundation’s new report provides important analysis of domestic nursing supply through the different education routes, workforce retention and international nurse recruitment. It also underlines the importance of continuing professional development for the nursing and nursing support workforce.

Dr Katerina Kolyva, Executive Director of the Council of Deans of Health, said:

“I would like to thank the Health Foundation for engaging closely with the Council of Deans of Health during this work. We are pleased that the report reflects the complex challenges associated with growing the number of nursing graduates, including placement availability, academic workforce sustainability, student finance, student attrition, disruptions to programmes due to the Covid-19 pandemic and limited availability of non-NHS placements.

The Council has been working on all of these matters with our members and key stakeholders and we have welcomed the large increase in placed applicants on nursing undergraduate courses this autumn. As the report states, the upcoming review of regulation of practice hour requirements may provide an opportunity to shift to a competency-based model that could reduce some of the placement availability pressures.

Whilst we have been working with Government on its goal to have 50,000 additional nurses by the end of this Parliament, we support the report’s call for a long-term workforce planning approach with differentiated goals and interventions for different geographical areas and fields of nursing. Universities work continuously with their practice partners to respond to local workforce need as well as contributing to national strategies to reduce nursing vacancies across health and social care.”

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