Council responds to additional apprenticeship funding announcement

10 August 2020

The Council has responded to today’s announcement by the Government that it will offer employers further incentives to take on nursing degree apprentices, amounting to £8,300 of funding per apprentice per year.

Professor Brian Webster-Henderson, Chair of the Council of Deans of Health, said:

“Many universities in England already work with healthcare employers to deliver nursing degree apprenticeships. Offering new incentives to employers may encourage them to recruit apprentices, particularly if this support can be used towards staff backfill costs, so initiatives such as the one announced today are to be welcomed.

Growth of this route will also rely on the expansion of university-based elements of the programme and will require placement capacity for the new recruits. Universities are already planning to recruit almost 4,000 additional nursing students this year so any further expansion will need to be carefully planned to ensure that education quality is maintained, whilst at the same time increasing nursing workforce capacity.”


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