Council of Deans of Health response to announcement on Covid-19 and the NHS workforce

19 March 2020

The Council of Deans of Health has responded to details announced today of plans to increase the NHS workforce to tackle Covid-19.

Professor Brian Webster-Henderson, Chair of the Council, said:

“We are working under unprecedented circumstances to help find a pragmatic approach to ensuring our dedicated students can contribute to the fight against this virus where they wish to do so. We have discussed a range of possible options with members and governments and are committed to supporting the decisions taken.

“We know this is a very difficult period for students and universities and that everyone is dealing with great uncertainty. We are proud and confident of the contribution that our members and students will make over the coming months”.

Dr Katerina Kolyva, Executive Director of the Council, added:

“Over the past week the Council has been working very closely with regulators, governments and NHS leaders in all four home nations on arrangements for healthcare students during the current epidemic. We will continue to work with absolute commitment to helping the sector through this time”.

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